Mommy & Me

Girls often enjoy wearing an outfit that looks similar to the one mom wears, and our Mommy and Me Collection gives you and your little girl a fun way to wear matching swimwear. Each girl's two-piece or one-piece is inspired by a swim style created for an adult. The only difference is that the kid versions are age appropriate. However, they are equally stunning in their design and color choices. As you browse, you may also find that you like swimwear styles that complement one another, even though they're not an exact match. These too are just as appealing for moms and daughters who want to look similar while strolling the beach.

Matching Mommy and Me Swimwear

Make the most perfect match when you're ready to enjoy some mommy-daughter time while hanging out at the beach or swimming pool. Our collection includes some cool matching swimwear sets that can show everyone how fashionably in-synch the two of you are when it comes to looking fabulous. We know that everyone has their own individual style preferences, including young girls who know what they like. That's why you can find plenty of style options for girls who prefer one style over another.

Complementary Mommy and Me Colors

Instead of boxing you into only a few color options, Luli Fama offers a range of colors that can flatter the two of you. Find swimwear outfits in hues of pink, purple, blue, beige and more. In cases where the two of you prefer different swim styles but like the same colors, you can often find swimwear that has complementary colors in a different style. This is also a great fashion solution when exact matches are not possible due to changes in our style selection.

Bikini and One-Piece Styles

We feature adorable two-piece sets for young fashionistas and bikini sets for moms who want to feel ultra-feminine and sexy. Feel more comfortable in a one-piece? Choose any of our flattering Luli Fama one-piece styles for girls or moms.