Make Waves with Ruffles

Even if you prefer simple style, there’s something so delightful about a little bit of ruffle and scalloping! The Luli Fama Wavy Collection is jam-packed with sweet ruffle bikinis and ruffle one-piece swimsuits, plus stylish solid-colored suits complemented by scalloping, fringe and more that help you bring a bold detailing to your summertime stash. Perfect for pool parties, vacations and beachside photo shoots, these trendy swimsuits are all-around enticing. This variety has been designed with fun and frills in mind!

Here, it’s all about creating silhouettes and finishes that remind you of the wide, open waves. Looking for a ruffle top bikini that adds a little flirty flair to your look? You’ll love our collection of halter top and bandeau bikinis. If you’re in it for the feminine one-piece look — and who can blame you? — then you’ll love a solid-colored, monokini from our collection. Of course, the Wavy Collection is also dripping with scalloped details that create shape and movement reminiscent of the sea.

A Suit for Every Style

If you love Luli Fama, you’re probably already a fan of our bold and vibrant swimsuit patterns, complete with tropical florals, neon colors and all sorts of animal prints. But we’ve also got simple, solid-colored and detail-oriented swimsuits here, with trendy tops, bottoms and one-piece swimsuits in red, yellow, purple, blue, green, white and black. Try a cute, solid-colored triangle top bikini or a fringe top two-piece if you like things solid-colored but perfectly detailed. Of course, you can always mix and match your Luli Fama tops and bottoms for a style that’s all you.